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Professional Services

Business technology services :Today, technology forms the core of any business model. It provides value and competitive advantage. High availability, better performance, resilience and lower downtime are essential in the IT infrastructure today.
We help you in designing, implementing and optimising the infrastructure, which helps achieve lower costs and higher operational efficiency.
Our technology services provide the assistance needed to ensure that the solution delivers desired outcomes.
Uptime maintenance helps keep the client’s IT infrastructure running for more time. This includes 24*7 accesses to skilled professionals.

IT professional services :We offer the following services:
Cloud services-These include:
Consulting and professional services- we help in assessing your requirements and plan the deployment model required.
Private Cloud-It is dedicated to each client
Public Cloud- It ensures high availability, high security to satisfy client’s requirements. Business Continuity- It helps achieve cloud based back up and disaster recovery.

Data centre services- Data lies at the heart of the digital technology. With improved technology, it is no longer only about data access, but also how to use that data for quicker decision making and competitive advantage.
We provide the following benefits:
Data centre automation and management- This includes taking over the end-to-end management of the client’s data centre environment.
Data centre optimization- We have dedicated teams to assist the client with data centre planning, migration and management.
Disaster recovery- We work with our clients to understand their backup and recovery needs to help improve their ability to recover from data loss and ensure that critical data is recoverable.

Unified communications professional services :Unified communication and collaboration assist in decision making as well as interacting with customers. UCC helps achieve better utilization of the infrastructure along with better productivity.
Our services in this area assist our clients in the following areas:

  • VoIP- To provide a robust and secure Voice over IP infrastructure for better communication
  • Visual Communication- Including visual impact which helps improve interaction
  • Collaborative Workspace- It helps achieve reduced costs and improved agility
  • Teleconferencing- Audio and video conferencing to assist business communications
  • Social Collaboration- Using social media techniques for better collaboration, while remaining compatible with company’s requirements