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Security and Risk Management

Managed security services :With the advent of more potent threats, an increased emphasis needs to be laid on the security landscape. We offer ability to not only counteract but also pre-empt the attacks. The threat environment has evolved along with the technologies and threat environment. Thus, security has become an important issue affecting the whole organisation and requires skills and technologies that are specialized as well as dynamic in nature.
However, this requires a change in focus and mindset towards security. It requires better documentation, processes and procedures. Highly skilled engineers and security specialists are needed to monitor the security systems. Also, continuous update of the security technology along with the insight, experience and knowledge of security experts are required. This can be best achieved through managed security services.

Security Consulting :Detecting advanced attacks has become a challenge with the rise of Advanced Persistent Threats. I addition to this, reports suggest that many organizations are still not equipped to defend themselves against lesser advanced threats such as scanning tools, smear phish or exploit kits. With our knowledge and experience in deploying and managing networks, unified communications and collaborations and data centres, we provide our client a partner who offers expertise in security and an understanding of their security infrastructure to create solutions specifically designed for them.
Our security specialists deliver safety to your IT infrastructure through:

  • Our ability to create and manage your security infrastructure so that it is supportive of your business goals
  • A broad portfolio of security services from a select group of partners
  • A broad set of security expertise with a passion to deliver for our clients

Security Intelligence :The change in workspaces will mean multiple entry points from unsecure devices and applications. With increased focus on IoT, augmented reality and virtual meeting, organizations will need to provide workspaces for an ever agile workforce. Yet, research suggests that most organizations are ill-equipped to handle the risks these new workspaces bring with them. We provide you with the following benefits in this regard:
End-user computing-We help create a secure environment for end user access to data and services.
Secure Workspaces-With more personal devices in workplaces, each having its own capabilities, operating systems and security features, securing the workspace will be an even greater challenge. We help prepare organizations to face cyber threats for tomorrow.

Security Solutions :With rapid advances in technology and threats, a company needs more than IT: it needs secure IT. Ever evolving threats mean that infrastructure security isn’t something one can take for granted; it has to be done correctly.
Our security solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Identify and detect actual threats
  • Protect your assets, information and reputation
  • Ensure compliance with legal and security standards
  • Create a security infrastructure with the right processes, policies and architecture
  • Report risk status clearly and accurately
  • Reduced cost and complexity of security support and contracts
  • Provide security professionals with depth of understanding and knowledge of the current security environment