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Data leakage prevention:It may safely be said with confidence that any organization’s true assets are its human resources capital and its intellectual capital or corporate information. There may arise situations where these might be compromised.
Your organization is at risk if you don’t adopt a data-centric approach to information security that prevents employees from:

  • accessing information they shouldn’t
  • using information to which they are entitled against you
  • absent-mindedly losing or misapplying corporate information

Effective data leakage prevention (DLP) strategy is the need of the hour to protect and control your data.
DLP isn't a specialized issue. It's a business issue. What's more − on the grounds that it concentrates on information − DLP ought to be a part of the bigger consistence and protection examination in your organization.
GSV System's Data Leakage Prevention Assessment gives a depiction of the strengths and shortcomings of a data security program. It includes:

  • a workshop-based session with key partners.
  • a revelation exercise to evaluate the data footprint over the system as well as file repositories.
  • the development of a roadmap for data security strategy.

What's more, GSV Systems helps you with DLP-related services and technology offerings from our strategic vendor partners: McAfee , Cisco and Check Point
Adopt an information driven strategy to security … and capitalize on your existing investments.

IT infrastructure security: Today, your business doesn't simply depend on IT, it requests secure IT. Against the setting of a continually advancing security danger scene, expanded weight around IT governance, risk and compliance, requests for cloud security and secure portability and the potentially devastating effect of a security breach, would you say you are confronting huge pressure from the business to juggle a lot of things at once?
IT Infrastructure security isn't something you can afford to get amiss. GSV Systems can help you. As one of the world's leading security integrator, we have an in-depth comprehension of worldwide security and IT risk management issues and best practices. Moreover, our profound technical expertise in deploying and overseeing systems, unified communication service, data centers, applications and contact centers gives our customers the strategic advantage of having a partner with deep domain knowledge of security expertise and infrastructure understanding to make the best answer for their requirements.
Our security pros deliver the perceivability, mindfulness and assurance you have to hit all your IT security focuses through:

  • our capacity to make, coordinate and deal with your security infrastructure in a way that backs all your business objectives
  • an expansive arrangement of security services combined with proven technologies from a select gathering of inventive partners
  • a profound, expansive arrangement of security aptitude and enthusiastic customer delivery
  • our all around associated groups who can convey the best answers for your security needs, anyplace on the planet.

We are the place you are and where you need to go.

Secure Data Mobility:Corporate Companies no longer keep critical and confidential data inside their building perimeters. Truth be told, the point of Data Mobility is to make information all the more generally accessible. This is where enterprise security and information protection pose as challenging, so IT risk management and secure data mobility are essential.
You can incorporate the advantages of portability without trading off information protection by executing and supporting an identity based versatile security system that is secure, consistent and efficient​
IT compliance regulations compel you to implement data leakage prevention (DLP) for classified data. However workers use and carry with them data storing devices wherever they go – if these devices are lost or stolen, the subsequent information leakages can be catastrophic.
We support your association towards overseeing IT security dangers – from origination to culmination – utilizing a staged, patterned approach:

  • Evaluation stage: we help you distinguish every one of the dangers present in your IT condition.
  • Strategy stage: we build up a security guide or structure that adjusts to your business goals.
  • Engineering stage: we help you re-plan your system to bolster your security goals.
  • Control stage: we convey and bolster the most appropriate security advances to meet your association's present and future requirements
  • Administration stage: we give continuous administration of security controls to guarantee that they are playing out their capacity effectively and that any yield from these controls is being tended to in a timely way.

We then return to the evaluation stage, concentrating on an alternate or more particular region of hazard.